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Fresh New Color Stories for Every Event! October 11, 2008





I just love the unexpected.  And, pairing fresh, zesty, lemon yellow with traditional black and white is just that!  This new color pairing is fun and sassy but remains tasteful.  Throw in a splash of yellow where you can….the ribbon on your invitation, gorgeous fresh centerpieces, a single flower on the grooms tux….and, your signature lemon-drop cocktail.

The other BIG story in color is purple.  Lavish and sophisticated, purple can easily coordinate with so many other colors….apple green, pinks, red, slate and chrome.  Choose lighter shades for warm weather affairs and darker, more sultry shades for winter and evening events.

A few other quick notes regarding color…

Pattern is huge.  Brides and others are incorporating bold floral patterns and geometric shapes in to their events.  Platinum replaces chocolate brown as the hot, new accent color.  Navy blue is the new black.  Pair it with gray, silver, gold or apple green. Bronze paired with cornflower blue is popular as are fuchsia and slate, purple and apple green and midnight blue and gold.

Make your event come alive with color!!