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Pink and Green Fever March 22, 2008

Spring is coming…I just know it! Even though it might be snowing here in PA (we call it the “onion snow”) I am still longing for the bright, warm, wonderful days ahead.  So, I am going to showcase a few little items here in Pink and Green, my fav color combo….duh, just look at my store!


Anyway, here is my favorite thing for spring…a super cute trench in, um, PINK! It’s from Chadwicks of Boston and retails for $39.99….wahoo!


Wow, just found these ADORABLE shoes in GREEN and LEOPARD…can you imagine? They are from and are a little more expensive than the stuff I usually look for ’cause I think fashion should be affordable. But, they are from Oh Deer and are $154.99 and I am in love…


Since I am on a shoe roll…what do you think of these from Tommy Hilfiger??  Love ’em and they have a much better price point at $74.99. They are also from  Check out the lining…TDF!


I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention some cute stationery!  www.threedesigningwomen.comoffers a look at their fantastic personalized stamps and embossers.  There are so many designs to choose from….I absolutely LOVE my stamper…us it every chance I get (course, I use bright pink ink).  Here at Pushing the Envelope the stamps are on sale right now for $36.00 during my Spring Fever sale.


Now, the same company also offers a product called “imprintables”.  It is a collection of folded notes, wine tags, memo paper, gift tags, etc that you can personalize with your cute stamp.  Check out the wine tags…toooooo cute…..!


So I just turned 41….and ummmm my eyes are maybe not as ummmm good as they maybe used to be.  Not saying I have to get full-on prescription glasses yet.  I might just need a little something to help me out with the newspaper print.  Why have they started to make the print smaller?  I don’t get it.  If you could use a little magnification in your life, you might want to log on to and take a peek at these darling glasses in, what else, but PINK and OLIVE (green):)

I love a cute wristlet….I am still trying to rid myself of my giant bag!  Anyway, here is one from my favorite web site  It’s darling and it fits in with my theme…AND it’s only $12.00.  Find it here



Now go look for spring…it’s lurking out there somewhere…just like my BFF cyber stalker!










Yellow and Gray February 21, 2008

So, have you all been following the latest color trends?  Are you absolutely certain that you have got to have something fab in that great yellow and gray combo?  I am, I do, I must have it.  Found some super kewl stuff just for you.

Check out this smart looking top from Lulu’s It’s soooo cute, 100% silk and it’s only $38 get two for heaven’s sake.


Everyone knows that I LOVE paper…I guess that I darn well better since I sell the stuff!  Anyway, I found these great notes from Whitney English

I don’t carry their papers yet…but I will!  Darling!


Get your vintage on with these great trainers from Urban Outfitters for 58 bucks.


Now have a look-see at this cute yellow clutch from Target (did I hear you use a french accent when you read “Target”??)


This little clutch is a whopping $14…isn’t it cute?  I am seriously trying to use a 12 step program to break my addiction to a large bag.  I am really trying to use a wristlet or clutch as much as I can…it’s hard.  Say a prayer!

Here’s a little mirror to tuck in to that clutch…it’s on Etsy

oh crap, can’t get the photo to work….click on this to see the cute mirror

BTW, do you shop Etsy?  It you don’t, you should!  It’s all handmade, really cool goods from mostly groovy and totally creative babes like us.  Check it out!



Alrighty then, go and find yourself something fabulously yellow!





It’s in the Bag! January 30, 2008

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I recently saw something on-line that inspired this post.  I almost couldn’t believe my eyes…I was shocked, impressed, amused and had a little bit of that “why didn’t I think of that” response. So check this out….you can RENT designer handbags.


At you will find yourself in handbag heaven.  Ever drooled over that Vuitton bag but knew that you just better not spend the cash…or, wanted the Kate Spade to go with that sweet little shift you were planning on wearing to the garden wedding?  Well, now you can try but not buy.  For as little as $5 month you can enjoy member benefits including lower rental fee’s and first dibs on new items.  I even think that this concept is, dare I say it, GREEN.  Recycled but fabulous bags…gotta love it!


Next, please take the time to look over these incredible bags from



Did you ever wonder what became of old sails after they were no longer useful?  I didn’t either, but, some incredibly clever folks decided to re-use them and turn them in to very cool, very unique bags. The people at Sea Bags say

“Since 1999 we have been making custom tote bags out of recycled sails. Every bag we make has sailed around the world before it even leaves our shop, and we like that”

Isn’t it fascinating to dream of all of the places your Sea Bag has seen?


So now I am on a roll…I am suddenly all about recycled stuff.  And, if you can get it in a cute bag, why the heck not?  Here is a fun bag by Ecoist…it’s made of recycled wrappers…kewl!



You can find it here

Lastly, some talented and undoubtably green babes on ebay found a way to recycle gently used Vera Bradley bags



Take a closer look at this woman’s ebay store…she has used old Vera fabric for lot’s of great things…I am impressed!