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A Wedding Day at the Eden 2008 October 30, 2008

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Just last weekend Pushing the Envelope was on the road at A Wedding Day at the Eden sponsored by 101 the Rose radio! 

We set up a darling booth in the Regency Ballroom and felt that the event was a huge success!  I personally spoke with what seemed like hundreds of brides-to-be and their families.  I was really thrilled that the brides were paying special attention to every detail associated with their special day….they seemed “serious” for lack of a better word, but, in a good way! 

The color yellow is extremely popular with spring and summer brides who plan to use it as an accent color with greys, greens, navy and black. See my post below!

Couples are becoming increasingly interested in using recycled materials in their invitations…I had a lot of interest in my Naturally Ever After album that showcases invitations made from 40% post-consumer fibers.

The concept of invitations utilizing “pockets” is still very HOT!  If you plan on using several enclosure pieces like direction, accommodation, reception and response cards then a pocket invitation is the way to go.  Keeping all of your enclosures neatly tucked in to a pocket makes a lovely presentation and it keeps things well organized for your guests too.

Couples also seemed very interested in our collection of personalized jewelry and gifts.  Whether it is a pearl necklace with a monogrammed sterling pendant for bridesmaids or an engraved mug for the groomsmen, a personal touch never goes unnoticed.

Lastly, the trend in using a calligrapher is here to stay.  I shared my booth with good friend and amazing calligrapher, Nora Given.  We found that brides are still craving the classic style of hand addressed envelopes and place cards.  Calligraphy offers a personal touch to your announcements or invitations!



Fresh New Color Stories for Every Event! October 11, 2008





I just love the unexpected.  And, pairing fresh, zesty, lemon yellow with traditional black and white is just that!  This new color pairing is fun and sassy but remains tasteful.  Throw in a splash of yellow where you can….the ribbon on your invitation, gorgeous fresh centerpieces, a single flower on the grooms tux….and, your signature lemon-drop cocktail.

The other BIG story in color is purple.  Lavish and sophisticated, purple can easily coordinate with so many other colors….apple green, pinks, red, slate and chrome.  Choose lighter shades for warm weather affairs and darker, more sultry shades for winter and evening events.

A few other quick notes regarding color…

Pattern is huge.  Brides and others are incorporating bold floral patterns and geometric shapes in to their events.  Platinum replaces chocolate brown as the hot, new accent color.  Navy blue is the new black.  Pair it with gray, silver, gold or apple green. Bronze paired with cornflower blue is popular as are fuchsia and slate, purple and apple green and midnight blue and gold.

Make your event come alive with color!!


The Lost Art of a Timely R.S.V.P. October 4, 2008

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With the holiday’s quickly approaching, many of us will be on the receiving end of a gorgeous invitation beckoning us to a fabulous event.  We’ve found the perfect dress, treated ourselves to a sparkling manicure and have chosen a tasteful hostess gift.  But, something important is missing…hmmm, what could that be?  That’s right!! …the all important R.S.V.P.!

It is becoming the norm NOT to respond to an invitation at all even when a response is clearly (and desperately) requested.  The lack of a response can create several challenges for your host including difficulty in planning for the food or bar, the all important party favors or the seating arrangements.

So, what does R.S.V.P. mean exactly?  The oh so proper French created this acronym meaning “Repondez s’il vous plait”, a phrase that translates to “reply if you please”.  You may also come across “please respond”, “regrets only” or any number of other requests for a reply.  No matter the wording, please do your host a favor, and REPLY!  If you receive an invitation that does not ask for a response, please do so anyway.  It is polite to accept or decline all invitations.

The most proper way of replying to an event is in writing.  However, it is also appropriate to reply in the same manner that the invitation was sent.  If you are not sure if you are able to attend an event, or, perhaps you just want to reserve a Saturday night for p.j.’s and popcorn, please do not leave your host hanging.  A simple response stating “thank you for the invitation, however, I am afraid that I am not able to attend” is all that is required.  Do not feel obligated to explain why you cannot attend the event.

So, this holiday season, enjoy the many chances to celebrate with friends and family, but, PLEASE remember the all important R.S.V.P.!