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About December 29, 2007


Thanks so much for taking a peek at my blog…my name is Becky and this, my friends, is my story!


I like fun things.  I love to find great stuff for my store and share it with my pals.  I love pink and green, the beach in the morning, painted toes, amazing paper, a good steak, chocolate, girls night out, the smell of rain and of lemons, my Dolly-licious not-so-little girl, and being my own boss.

I hate waiting in line, eggs and anything fake…including people and flowers. 

I am painfully honest, a tiny bit messy, and a good and loyal friend.  I go the extra mile, I fight for what I believe to be right and true and I’m a pretty good mom.  Unique is good.





2 Responses to “About”

  1. katyshops Says:

    Thanks for commenting on my site today! I love your site…you know how I love everything that is monogrammed. To bad you live up North…I believe we could be fast friends 🙂


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