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Hello world! December 29, 2007

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Hello World is RIGHT!  Can’t wait to start blogging away! 

O.k., so I am totally new to this thing, but, I want to use this blog to share some cool stuff that I find…not only things in my adorable store (Pushing the Envelope if you haven’t heard), but just random items that I fall in love with. 

Also, I am hoping that this can be a meeting place for my fabulous girlfriends since we are spread out all over the darn place.

So, here it is…my first few, oh-so-cool products, for your shopping enjoyment.  Of course, I do have to start with stuff that I feature in my shop….just happen to LOVE the stuff that I carry.  Check it out….

So…are you at a loss for how to discreetly carry your um….monthly supplies?  Well, have I got a fab new product for you.  They are called T.O.M Totes (Time of Month) and they are adorable.  They come in all kinds of super cute patterns…polka dots, zebra prints etc.


The T.O.M tampon tote holds two tampons and the pad tote holds two liners.  They are all tied up with coordinating grosgrain ribbon…ADORABLE!  The T.O.M’s retail for $12.00…and worth every penny.  Ohhh, did I mention that they come with the product inside?…yippee!

On a funny side note, my BFF, Andrea lives in Virginia…when the fine southern ladies are getting their period they say (please use a southern accent as you say this out-loud) “I started”.  LOVE all things southern!  I was misplaced at birth!


Next….since I ADORE anything with my initial on it, I have GOT to tell you about a few other products.  How ’bout dressing up your water bottle with a darling monogrammed cover.



Click to enlarge

The cover comes with a handy carabeener (did I spell that correctly?) so that you can hook it on to your belt when you are out walking your dog….or your kid! …fifteen bucks!

Now, how bout the cutest letter opener that you ever did see??

Monogrammed Letter OpenersThey come in tons of cute fabrics with coordinating monograms….wouldn’t you just LOVE to have this on your desk? It’s only $11.00 You’ll be the envy of your cube-mates!O.k., well, my first Blog has exhausted me.  If you see anything during your travels…post it here.  Girlfriends are always dying for cute stuff and great gifts to lavish on each other.’til next time!