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Thank-You Note Etiquette July 17, 2008

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You have just received a fabulous (or perhaps not so fabulous) gift for your recent wedding, Bat Mitzvah, sweet 16 or graduation party….now it’s time to write the the thank-you notes! Whether the gift was business or personal, time, talent or money, it must be acknowledged – promptly!  Here are a few tips for writing the perfect thank-you note!

  • Write your note on the day that the gift is given…this will prevent the dreaded pile-up.  However, if you are playing catch up, commit to writing 5 notes each day until they are complete. Generally, a note should be written within a week and certainly no longer than one month after having received the gift.
  • No matter how tech-savvy you are, do NOT write a thank-you note via email…it is inappropriate.
  • Always reference the gift and thank the giver for the thought behind it
  • Mention the gifts usefulness
  • Express the hope for a future meeting
  • Keep the note short
  • Make sure that the note is hand-written
  • Be yourself when writing
  • Use great-looking stationery…make your note a gift to the gift-giver!!

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