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Boutique Shopping VS Internet Shopping July 11, 2008

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We have all become so accustomed to making many of our purchases on-line.  Hair care from Sephora, great shoes from ebay, a new swim-suit from Nordstrom.  In many cases the internet is a fantastic tool to save us time and money.  However, there are times when shopping on-line can be a frustrating waste of energy simply because it lacks the all-important touch factor. 

In the case of your distinctive event invitaiton, holiday card or social stationery set, a boutique experience is the only way to go.

Here are a few tips for no regret, stress-free invitations –

  • Make sure to see a physical sample of an invitation before you commit.  You may LOVE the look of something on-line or in a catalog but dislike the weight, texture or details once you see it in person.
  • Will your event ensemble be fully assembled when you receive it?  Many boutiques (just like Pushing the Envelope) offer to fully assemble your invitations at no additional cost. 
  • Many on-line stationers are not truly “paper professionals”.  Can they offer personalized advice on wording, layout, font and ink choices?
  • If you do choose to order your stationery through a catalog or on-line remember to proofread your text carefully and ask a friend with “fresh eyes” to examine them too.
  • Considering making your own invitations?  Creating your own invitaitons can be a way to add a creative touch to your event.  However, given the cost of materials and the time involved, it may not save you money over having them professionally printed.  Also, many times, as hard as you try, hand-made invitations will appear to be just that…hand made.
  • Many boutiques offer on-line addressing or offer calligraphy services and can coordinate those services for you.
  • And remember, once your invitations are perfect and you have finally put them in the mail, hold on to your list of addresses…you’ll need them all again to send thank you notes!

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