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Yellow and Gray February 21, 2008

So, have you all been following the latest color trends?  Are you absolutely certain that you have got to have something fab in that great yellow and gray combo?  I am, I do, I must have it.  Found some super kewl stuff just for you.

Check out this smart looking top from Lulu’s It’s soooo cute, 100% silk and it’s only $38 get two for heaven’s sake.


Everyone knows that I LOVE paper…I guess that I darn well better since I sell the stuff!  Anyway, I found these great notes from Whitney English

I don’t carry their papers yet…but I will!  Darling!


Get your vintage on with these great trainers from Urban Outfitters for 58 bucks.


Now have a look-see at this cute yellow clutch from Target (did I hear you use a french accent when you read “Target”??)


This little clutch is a whopping $14…isn’t it cute?  I am seriously trying to use a 12 step program to break my addiction to a large bag.  I am really trying to use a wristlet or clutch as much as I can…it’s hard.  Say a prayer!

Here’s a little mirror to tuck in to that clutch…it’s on Etsy

oh crap, can’t get the photo to work….click on this to see the cute mirror

BTW, do you shop Etsy?  It you don’t, you should!  It’s all handmade, really cool goods from mostly groovy and totally creative babes like us.  Check it out!



Alrighty then, go and find yourself something fabulously yellow!





5 Responses to “Yellow and Gray”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Was soooooo close to buying that bag in green today, but I, like you, cannot stop carrying the big bag. Should ya just gone ahead and got it – but I did get some cute little black and white Isaac flats that I plan to wear with EVERYTHING!!

  2. msmonogram Says:

    Ummmmm Andrea??
    Whilst I am sure that the black and white Isaac flats are TDF, they do NOT go with the yellow and gray theme of my blog….but I love ya anyhooooooooo! Now, buy something yellow right now to redeem yourself!

  3. Andrea Says:

    By the way – I’ll have you know that I did the yellow patent leather little purse WAY back when I was about ummmm 6-years-old!!! And if ya don’t believe me, next time I’m in town we can go over to the time capsule (otherwise known as “Jacqui’s basement”) and I’ll show ya. Think I’ve got a few more crocheted scarved and a stick pin or two as well 🙂

    hey – ya think MM would want my old Billy Idol posters?

  4. msmonogram Says:

    I want your Billy Idol posters!! …they’ll go great with the bust that I made of him in high school. And yes, I still have it!

  5. Etiologist Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Etiologist.

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