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Ms. Monogram is Behind the Wheel February 6, 2008

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By now you all know my BFF Andrea…the one with the famous uterus!  Anyway, we were talking on the phone yesterday…just like we do everyday…and Andrea reported that she was in the car wash.  And she said something that was kewl…she said going through an automatic car wash was one of life’s little pleasures because it forces you to just sit and simply “be” for a little while.  It’s a break for cryin-out-loud and we all need those. So I was thinking about what would make life even more pleasurable while you are taking your break in your car and here is what I came up with.

The first thing, of course, has got to be a set of hot monogrammed floor mats like these from


Or these from


Then I got to thinking about personal car safety and found this cute (?) pink Club on Amazon.  …on sale for a mere $34.95 – get one!


Next, I was thinking that with the windows all closed up while you are in the car admiring your new monogrammed floor mats that you might want it to smell good in there.  Now I am a gal who despises car air fresheners, so, I found one that uses essential oils like lemongrass, peppermint and something called World Peace Affirmation…I want a whole skid of whatever that is.  Anyway, check these out…very cool.


Now, while you are sitting there and enjoying your Super Duper Scrubby Wash, you will feel completely relaxed because every little thing will be in it’s place thanks to the folks at Driving Comfort Do you LOVE this??


Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention something cute that you can find at my store. 

After your car comes of the wash, and you are full-on relaxed, won’t it be great to know that you are not only sporting a clean car, but, your monogram decal is still attached and looking just as shiny new as ever…get one, they are SO cute!


Now go on and grab a wash for your ride and a rest for you!





3 Responses to “Ms. Monogram is Behind the Wheel”

  1. I have the monogram on the rear window, but I MUST. HAVE. THOSE. FLOOR. MATS!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Mom Says:

    Hi Ms Monogram! Just wanted to thank you for your continued support and shoutouts! Where on Earth do you find the time to blog? So many cute things…so little time. Gotta scoot- I need that cute yellow clutch from Tar-Jay! 🙂 Take care!

  3. msmonogram Says:

    You know that I am your biggest fan E!

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