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Chalk this one up….! January 15, 2008

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Chalk this post up to creativity!  Suddenly I am in to all things chalkboard.  Don’t ask why, but, it has been a recurring theme during the last week or so.  Everywhere I look…chalkboard stuff.  Something about the non-permanency of it, the ability to re-create it on a whim.  So, if you have a sec, take a look at these fine chalkboard vases from, a very hip website…  How unique is that??  …and guess what…they even come with chalk!  Don’t you just love a bonus gift?

Also from iloveuma is this groovy chalk clock  Don’t cha love it?

Martha Stewart just happens to have a chalkboard paint recipe on her web-site.  Can you stand it, she’s got a recipe for everything.

Anyway, if you don’t want to go with the traditional black or green chalkboard paint, you can mix up your own Martha-esque concoction.  If you do, send pictures!

 Next stop is How bout sending your tiny one off to school with one of these fun lunchboxes

Or, www.uncommongoods.comfor these darling chalkboard place-mats take them with you when you dine out….remember to bring one or two for the little darlings at the next table 😉

My friend Lisa and I are working on creating a really cute version of this with wonderful fabrics where you will be able to roll it up and use the self tying ribbon to keep it tidy in your bag…darling!

Last, but not least, if you want to paint any old object of your choice and turn it in to a chalkboard (and a magnetic one at that) look no further than right here O.k., it’s expensive, but fun!  Comment here on the things that you want to turn in to a chalkboard….and keep it clean ;0) 


Now go create…and have fun!!



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